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What are the main requirements you must meet to qualify under the Live-in Caregiver four Program? (One of the services we provide is to do our best to help the prospective caregiver meet the fourth requirement.)

Why must the caregiver live in the employer's home?

What are the other fees and expenses you need to shoulder?

What's the official application procedure? (This is where we again come into the picture - providing services so that a prospective employer could find a qualified caregiver chosen by them; and for a prospective caregiver to find an eligible employer.)

Do you need a passport and a visa?

What is the work permit?

What about the employment contract between you and your employer?

How are contracts enforced?

Do you have legal rights as a live-in caregiver respecting fair working conditions and fair treatment?

What about hospital and medical care insurance?

What is the Workers' Compensation Plan?

What are these other benefits: Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security?

Are there any other deductions from your pay?

What about privacy, off-duty time? Who keeps your documents?

Can you enroll for studies in Canada while a caregiver?

Are there any government and private agencies that you may ask for help?

What is abuse?

Can you change employers?

Thinking about quitting?

What if you break the contract?

What if you lose your job?

When/How do you apply for permanent residence in Canada?

When can you apply for an open work permit?

Could family members obtain permanent resident status at the same time as you?